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Friday, April 9, 2010

Matt's 24!!!!

February 8 - Mattie Moo turned 24 today!!!

The birthday boy started the day off by opening up some of his gifts (Surprise! He can't stand not knowing what he's getting!). In them he received his birthday outfit (a new tradition we started last year), he got a cute shirt and pair of jeans from American Eagle, and some cute new shoes to wear to his birthday party.

Then, he was dropped off at Sunsations where he received a very long, massage, while I ran around picking up his cake, and balloons, etc.

We had his family, and mine, meet for dinner at Johnny Carinos, again this year - Matt's favorite restaurant. (Excuse me, ALMOST the whole family, minus Shane, who for the second year in a row, ditched Matt to go hunting! Thanks a lot Shane. ;)

We had lots of food, and a big fabulous cake from The Cookie Basket! And Mattie was all smiles from all of the attention and great gifts he received from everyone!

Happy Birthday Hunny!!!! I love you tons!!!!